DEL3022G-4 LSV


DEL3022G-4 LSV


is a four (4) passenger vehicle used the world over as a personnel carrier. Its primary function is for luxury resorts and heavy industrial use. This unit is designed specifically as an on-road vehicle. We have two motor/controller options for this car. The second is offered as optional equipment at the time of purchase. The standard configuration (specs on the brochure) offers a top speed of 21 mph. The optional equipment components add 125 amps to the controller and 1.4 h. p. to the motor and allows a top speed of 25 mph, a 16 % increase in performance. The high speed low speed switch serves two functions. First, if a driver finds him/herself on an extreme hill the slow speed setting will serve a hi-torque mode (think granny gear) to get the vehicle moving at pace with traffic. It can then be shifted on the fly to the higher speed setting to quickly attain street legal speed. Second, the low speed setting can be used to teach new drivers or operators how to safely use the vehicle while at lower speeds. With the standard mode top speed in slow is 17-19 mph depending upon load and terrain. With the higher speed option, top speed is 21-23 mph depending upon conditions. With the optional motor controller top speed in low speed is just over 21 mph with a top speed in the hi-speed setting 25 mph.

Four wheel hydraulic brakes; disc front, drum rear.
Impact modified solid windshield with wiper.
Stainless cargo truck bed.
Windshield wiper.
Seat belts.
DOT tires.
Side and rear reflectors.
License plate light.
Bigger motor.
Bigger Controller
On board charging system.
Emergency/park brake.
10 inch wheels.
Safety bumpers (front and rear).
Zinc coated steel frame!

With the 4-wheel brakes, advanced motor and controller which significantly enhances braking I daresay this is undeniably a car. And I believe I can make a compelling argument it is safer than some of the cars and trucks currently on the road all across America today! This is the perfect vehicle in which to go to the store or drive around the neighborhood. Unlike many folks LSV offerings, each HDK in The XPRESS line has a unique key.

Vehicles offered by others have a one-key-fits-all system. That may seem insignificant but ask yourself. would you purchase a car ... a car ... if the key to every other vehicle made by that manufacturer would work in your vehicle?



  • 4 Passengers capacity
  • System Voltage (v) - 48
  • Motor  Power - 3 (KW)
  • Charge Time (h) - 8-10
  • Overall Dimensions (mm) 3150x1180x1780
  • Wheel tread - (front/Rear mm) - 880/980
  • Wheel Base (mm) - 2450
  • Max. Speed (mph) - 21
  • Brake Distance (m) - 4.0
  • Minimum turning radius (m) - 4.3
  • Max. climbing ability (loaded) - 25%
  • Max. loading weight (kg) - 200
  • G.W.:2074 LBS


Two speed  switch

Glove box

 Rear view mirrors

Retractable seat belts

Optional colors

Stainless steel box